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Jilin University - Hokkaido University Day is Held in Jilin University

30, Mar, 2017 Office of Global Engagement 147

From March 26th to March 27th, the delegation of 37 people from Hokkaido University headed by Mr. Yamaguchi Keizo, President of Hokkaido University, visited Jilin University and "Jilin University - Hokkaido University Day" were successfully held. Prof. LI Yuanyuan, President of Jilin University, accompanied by Prof. CHEN Gang, Executive Vice President, received the foreign guests. Prof. BING Zheng, Executive Vice President attended the opening ceremony of the “Jilin University - Hokkaido University Day” and addressed on the ceremony.

On the afternoon of March 27th, President LI Yuanyuan extended his welcome to the delegation again when he met with Mr. Yamaguchi Keizo and introduced the achievements of Jilin University in recent years in terms of talent cultivation, scientific research and disciplinary development, etc.President LI pointed out that Hokkaido University is one of the most important strategic partners of Jilin University in Japan. Both universities share the similarities in geographic locations,as comprehensive research universities and face new opportunities as well as challenges in common. He hoped that the two universities could develop the cooperation in substantive scientific research among their respective preponderant disciplines, expand interdisciplinary collaborations, promote the establishment of joint scientific research institutions, and actively carry out faculty exchanges and high-level talentsjoint education based on the existing cooperation. He also advocated promoting the Sino-Japanese cooperation in higher education and people-to-people exchange among the general public of the two countries and jointly protecting and maintainingthe Northeast Asia stability and worldpeace.

President Yamaguchi Keizo admired President Li’s proposals, and expressed his deep appreciation in holding the Jilin University - Hokkaido University Day” again after 7 years. President Yamaguchi Keizo underlined the development objectives and internationalization strategies of Hokkaido Universityas one of Japan's 13 "Super Global University Project-Top University"and hoped that the two universities would cherish this opportunity and conduct all-round and multi-layered cooperative projects based on respective preponderant disciplines.


On the morning of March 27th, the opening ceremony of Jilin University - Hokkaido University Day was held in the First Conference Room of Dongyong Building. Terao Hiroaki, Vice President of Hokkaido University, and other 36 people from the delegation attended the opening ceremony. Prof. BING Zheng Executive Vice President of Jilin University addressed the opening ceremony. Representatives from Office of the President, Office of Undergraduate Education, School of Mathematics, School of Life Sciences, College of Animal Sciences, College of Plant Sciences, and other functional departments and teaching and scientific research units also attended the ceremony. The ceremony was chaired by Dr. ZHANG Guangcui, Director of Office of Global Engagement. The two parties exchanged information of development history, disciplinary advantages, and internationalization strategies and reached agreement in expanding cooperation in fields of common interest.



Professors and students from School of  International  Media, Communication and  Tourism  Studies, School  of  Science, School  of  Health  Science, School  of  Engineering, and School  of  Agriculture of Hokkaido University held work meetings, seminars, etc.and worked out the fruitful cooperative plans on further developing collaborative research, faculty exchanges and student mobility after in-depth communication with their counterparts from College of Arts, School of Mathematics, School of Life Sciences, School of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering, College of Animal Sciences, and College of Plant Sciences of Jilin University. 




Founded in 1876, Hokkaido University is Japan's well-known comprehensive research university, boasting graduate education as its core. It is also Japan's first modern university eligible for awarding bachelor degreecurrently ranking the 130th in the world (QS2017).It has 12 schools for undergraduate education, 18 for graduate education, 3 affiliated research institutes, and 23 educational research centers. Professor Akira Suzuki from School of Engineering won 2010 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his contribution in “Cross-coupling Chemical Reactions for the Synthesis of  Organic Compounds”.

Jilin University and Hokkaido University signed agreement in 2004. Since then, considerable substantive achievements have been made in high-level talents cultivation, scientific research cooperation, academic exchanges, and international conferences co-organizationand so on. In November 2010, Jilin University - Hokkaido University Day  washeld for the first time in the campus of Jilin University when 22 delegates from Hokkaido University had in-depth communication with their counterparts of Jilin University.