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Delegation from École Centrale de Nantes Led by Prof. Fouad BENNIS Visits JLU

05, Apr, 2017 Office of Global Engagement 202

From March 28th to 29th, a delegation of three led by Professor Fouad BENNIS, Director of the International Relations Office of École Centrale de Nantes, visited Jilin University.

On the morning of March 29th, Prof. CHEN Gang, Executive Vice President of Jilin University met with the delegation, joined by directors of the Office of Global Engagement, Office of Undergraduate Education, College of Construction Engineering, College of Materials Science and Engineering and College of Communication Engineering.

First of all, Prof. Chen extended warm welcome to Prof. BENNIS for revisiting JLU after his first trip to the university on the occasion of its 70th Anniversary Celebrations. He said that, “we attach great importance to the cooperation between our two universities, and hope to conduct substantive and multilevel exchanges and cooperation in different fields and on multiple disciplines”. Grateful for the hospitality he received in Jilin University, Prof. BENNIS pointed out that their visit to JLU this time was aimed at promoting practical cooperation between École centrale de Nantes and Jilin University, and carrying out and advancing the Joint Education Program for students from both universities. He also expressed his wishes to see more cooperation between the two universities in the training of faculty members and other student programs. During the meeting, the two parties held preliminary discussions on the topic of Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools (CFCRS), and agreed to organize academic teams of relative disciplines to visit each other in the near future so as to promote deeper cooperation.14911209192927.jpg

On March 28th, Prof. BENNIS and other members on the delegation discussed in great depth, matters including curriculum matching, recognition of each other’s academic credits, and graduation thesis design with directors of the Office of Undergraduate Education, Office of Global Engagement, College of Construction Engineering, School of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering, College of Materials Science and Engineering and College of Communication Engineering.  14911209572128.jpg14911209589754.jpg14911209594953.jpg

As a member of the prestigious Groupe des Écoles Centrales of France, École centrale de Nantes is the largest comprehensive engineering university in western France and also one of the top engineering universities in France. The meeting was held to confirm the agreement of Joint Bachelor’s and Master’s Programs signed on the 70th Anniversary Celebrations of Jilin University and to promote the implementation of the agreement.