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The 1st Selective Examinations of 2017 Volunteer Chinese Language Teachers of Confucians Institute/Hanban is Successfully Held in Jilin University

05, Apr, 2017 Office of Global Engagement 107

On March 25th and 26th, 2017, Jilin University, entrusted by Confucians Institute/Hanban, organized the 1st selective examinations of volunteer Chinese language teachers for the second half of the year 2017. 233 applicants from colleges, universities and Provincial Departments of Education from the three provinces in northeast China sat the exam, while the examiners are experts and scholars from colleges and universities nationwide. The department of Volunteer Affairs of Hanban conducted trainings for examiners, relevant staff members and student volunteers in advance, and supervised the entire process of the examinations. Office of Global Engagement (Northeastern Base of the International Promotion of Chinese Language) planned and organized the event. 

The examinations consist of three parts, i.e. interview for comprehensive abilities, language proficiency examinations and psychological examinations. It aims to assess the applicants’ comprehensive abilities such as basic knowledge of Chinese, understanding of Chinese national conditions and culture, Chinese teaching ability, cross-cultural communication awareness and skills, traditional Chinese arts knowledge and performance, foreign language proficiency and psychological quality, making it possible for the applicants to fully demonstrate their talent and skills in all aspects. Those who pass the examinations will undergo trainings organized by Hanban before they are dispatched to Confucians Institutes around the globe, where they will teach Chinese and disseminate Chinese culture. 

As the Northeastern Base of the International Promotion of Chinese Language of Hanban, Jilin university has organized 22 selective examinations of government-sponsored teachers and volunteer Chinese language teachers. More than 5,200 applicants have been examined.微信图片_20170418051033.jpg微信图片_20170418051043.jpg微信图片_20170418051051.jpg