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The 2nd Selective Examination of 2017 Volunteer Chinese Language Teachers of Confucians Institute/Hanban Successfully Held in Jilin University

17, Apr, 2017 Office of Global Engagement 162

On April 15th and 16th, 2017, Jilin University, entrusted by Confucians Institute/Hanban, organized the 2nd selective examination of volunteer Chinese language teachers for the second half of the year 2017.


142 applicants from colleges, universities, institutions of higher education and Provincial Departments of Education from Jilin and Liaoning Province sat the exam, while experts and scholars from colleges and universities from around the country served as examiners. Officers from Division of Volunteer Affairs of Hanban and Wuzhou Hanfeng Global Education and Technology Company conducted trainings for examiners, related staffs and student volunteers in advance, and supervised the entire examination. Division of International Relations (Northeastern Base of the International Promotion of Chinese Language) organized the preparation work.


The examination consists of three parts, i.e. interview for comprehensive abilities, language proficiency examination and psychological examination. It aims to assess the applicants’ comprehensive abilities such as basic knowledge of Chinese, understanding of Chinese national condition and culture, Chinese teaching ability, cross-cultural awareness and skills, mastering of traditional Chinese arts, foreign language proficiency and psychological quality, so that the applicant can fully demonstrate their talent and skills in all aspects. Those who pass the examination will undergo trainings organized by Hanban before they are dispatched to Confucians Institutes around the globe, where they can teach Chinese and promote Chinese culture. 



As the Northeastern Base of the International Promotion of Chinese Language of Hanban, our university has organized 23 selective examinations of government-sponsored teachers and volunteer Chinese language teachers, with more than 5,342 applicants examined.