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Chinese Cultural Activities held by Jilin University-Kansas State University Confucius Institute during “International Cultural Week”

17, Apr, 2017 Office of Global Engagement 147

        During the “International Cultural Week” of Kansas State University, from April 3rd to April 9th (CST), Jilin University - Kansas State University Confucius Institute held a series of events to spread Chinese culture.     


In the International Parade held on the morning of April 3rd, volunteers from the Confucius Institute and Chinese students on campus held high the Chinese national flag, walked along with students from all over the world. In the afternoon, the Institute held interesting activities in the International Student Center such as tug-of-war and kicking shuttlecock. A lot of the audience was affected by the excitement and participated.   


        On April 4th, the Confucius Institute held an exhibition about Chinese culture. Many visitors were impressed and enthusiastically tried on Chinese traditional costumes, played Weiqi, practiced Chinese calligraphy, and took pictures. Although the activity named Write Your Name in Chinese Characters had been held many times, still almost a hundred people involved in. It gradually became a regular activity in such occasions. Some of the audience asked about courses of the Institute and expressed their willingness to join.               


On April 9th, representatives from the Confucius Institute participated in the talent show of the "International Cultural Week". Two volunteers from the Institute played Hulusi, a traditional Chinese musical instrument. Among all performance, mainly lively dancing and singing, the melodious, gentle, peaceful and harmonious music was well received by the audience. One of the judges said: "this is the first time I see such a beautiful and distinct musical instrument. And the costumes of the performers and melodious music are all refreshing."


The Kansas State University "International Cultural Week" attracted over a thousand people including those on campus and local residents. During the week, Jilin University - Kansas State University Confucius Institute stood out and Chinese culture was highly appreciated and welcomed by local residents.